We Want to Buy Your Car, Even if You Don't Buy From Us!

3 Easy Steps

1. Let Us Know the Details

Fill out our simple online appraisal form and tell us about your vehicle (or just drive it in to see us).

2. A Fair and Honest Appraisal

We offer a quick fast, free appraisal at no charge to you. You can come to us, no appointment necessary!

Live far away from Billings? Then just e-mail us pictures and a representative will contact you!

3. Make a Decision

After we make an offer, then you can decide whether to accept it. No hassle! No pressure!

Just sell your vehicle if you find the offer mutually-beneficial and our offer is to your liking. You will receive a payment the same day.

Quick Appraisal Form

Selling your car couldn't be easier. It's just a few steps, and we do most of the work!

Our pre-owned vehicles are in high-demand and as a result Mercedes-Benz of Billings is having difficulty satisfying the market demand for pre-owned vehicles. At this time we're very motivated to purchase quality, pre-owned vehicles in order to keep our inventory well-stocked. High mileage? No problem. 10+ years old? No problem!

No matter what the reason, if you need your vehicle sold on short notice we can help. Get cash in your pocket. Likewise we can make the experience of selling as simple and courteous as possible. As experienced appraisers in the Billings area, we will work with you fairly to help you get the price that you want. There's no gimmicks and no charges for vehicle appraisals.

Our Process is No Obligation, and No Cost to You!

Have more questions? Call today at 406-294-7000 and get your car sold today!

We endeavor to streamline the appraisal and selling process. . . it's fast, simple, and fair.

We know you might be skeptical! There aren't very many dealerships out there with a program like this, but we're desperate for pre-owned cars, and our highly trained professionals have years of experience appraising vehicles accurately and fairly! Mercedes-Benz of Billings will buy virtually any car, van, SUV, truck, any model year, any make, and any model. Have a 2012 Subaru Legacy that still has that new car smell? No problem, we want it! Have a 2001 Buick Regal with 120,000 miles on it? We want that too!

Filling out the online appraisal form is very easy and you'll receive a response from our professional staff that same day, usually within an hour or less!

How do we value your vehicle? We use multiple sources of market data to help put a value to your vehicle. The more information you provide to us, the faster and more accurate the appraisal can be!

Since we are using current marketing condition to price vehicles, and not just arbitrary book values, this maximizes the amount that we can give you; hassle-free. In 30 minutes we can evaluate your vehicle (given certain preliminary information), and within 72 hours we can provide you with a price guarantee at no obligation to you. Please keep in mind that with some vehicles seasonal variables may effect price.

Our Pledge To You

Our goal is to provide every customer with the most value possible for their vehicle. Mercedes-Benz of Billings is committed to providing every customer with professional service and exceptional customer service. We take pride in knowing our customers feel at home in our comfortable, low-pressure dealership. Whether you're interested in just selling your car, or trading it in for a new Mercedes-Benz, or a pre-owned vehicle, our team excels at customer service. We endeavor to ensure you're getting the best value possible. We're about creating a different customer service experience. After all, we're Mercedes-Benz of Billings where you can expect the best service. 

Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.